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Ogonthunn by Akeiron Ogonthunn by Akeiron
Pathfinder RPG.
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Okay, consider the subject. It is obviously an aquatic or marine animal. The presence of multiple eyes and bio-luminescent tips suggest that it is native to depths rarely found in fresh water lakes and rivers, but there are lakes and rivers deep enough for these to develop. It's teeth show that it is a predator and their shape, size, and positioning point towards a diet of fish, cuttle fish, squid, etc. Now we come to the truly interesting development of this specimen; the two tentacle-like feelers that have developed small, four-fingered hands at the ends.

More incredibly, these limbs are decked out in gold jewelry. The jewelry varies from simple wire windings and bands to sculpted bands with delicate jeweled inlay. There is no denying that this jewelry indicates the presence of an intelligent life form in the crushing depths where we can visit briefly or only with drones. More than that, they have mastered at least basic metallurgy in an area where the temperature hovers around zero degrees centigrade and fire will not burn.

Did this remarkable creature fashion these ornaments itself or were they fashioned by someone else? We don't know. Is this fish part of a master race in a deep sea kingdom, or is it simply a beloved pet whose owner will never see it again? It looks very believable, the colors are right, the shading is good, but at great depths the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is much lower. Why are its gills so small?

Overall I must say I'm impressed. This drawing looks better than 90% of the cryptid photographs I see, including the hoaxers and Photoshop addicts. Stay active and creative, and take it from me, don't wear a long, brown, fuzzy coat on a nature hike during hunting season, especially if you're tall and have big feet.
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earthsdefenders Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2016  Student Artist
The River monsters guy, Jeremy Wade, would have fun trying to catch this fish
IxisNyx Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
This looks amazing.Absolutely amazing.
Theres beauty and grace slinking around the knee knocking terror that something like that might be swimming about in the water. XD
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April 11, 2013
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